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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Robert Townson

Varese Sarabande CD Club
VCL 0502 1007

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Running Time

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Cues & Timings

1. Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing (Main Title)* (4:01)
(Performed by Richard Gillis)
2. The Water Hole (1:16)
3. New Lodgings (:49)
4. The Preacher** (:47)
5. Hasty Exit (3:05)
6. Wait for Me, Sunrise** (1:09)
(Performed by Richard Gillis)
7. A Soothing Hand (2:34)
8. A Death In The Family (:51)
9. The Rattlesnakes (2:18)
10. The Flag (1:22)
11. The Guest (2:59)
12. Butterfly Mornin’s ** (2:32)
(Performed by Jason Robards and Stella Stevens)
13. Three Hours Early (:41)
14. Hogue And Hildy** (:47)
15. Hildy Leaves (2:08)
16. Waiting* (1:36) (Performed by Richard Gillis)
17. Hildy Returns** (1:04)
18. The Eulogy (1:41)
19. Wait for Me, Sunrise (End Title)** (2:10)
(Performed by Richard Gillis)
20. Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing (Alternate End Title)* (1:54)
(Performed by Richard Gillis)

*Written by Jerry Goldsmith and Richard Gillis
**Written by Richard Gillis

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Ballad Of Cable Hogue

A lesson in less is more for Sam Peckinpah's off beat western. Goldsmith's tiny score, a grand total of 20 minutes, is one of his most lyrical for the western genre, incorporating a memorable theme played for a multitude of genre instruments including Jew's Harp, Harmonica, Banjo and Accordion. But what impresses the most is the ease at which Goldsmith switches from slapstick to melancholy while developing his impressive theme for Richard Gillis' main title lyrics - Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing. Goldsmith also arranges a number of additional cues for Gillis and Gillis provides two further songs.

Varese's Club release is a polished disc with informative notes and crystal clear stereo sound but the obscure nature of the film and meagre running time of Jerry Goldsmith's contribution may mean it has limited appeal.

Expanded review to follow.