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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Jerry Goldsmith
Alexander Courage

Recorded By
Bruce Botnick

Performed By

Album Produced By
Jerry Goldsmith

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1131

Previous Release(s)
RCA Victor

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Limited Release

Cues & Timings

1. Early Arrival (1:32)*
2. Lost In The Wild(s) (2:59)
3. A Lucky Man/Open Door (1:41)*
4. Mighty Hunter (1:31)
5. The Spirit (0:36)*
6. Birds (2:22)
7. The Fire / Breakfast (2:31)*
8. Rich Man (0:58)*
9. The Ravine (4:36)
10. Bitter Coffee (3:01)
11. Wound (1:38)*
12. Stephen's Death (2:26)*
13. The Cage / False Hope / No Matches (3:34)*
14. Stalking (5:46)
15. Deadfall / Bear Fight (6:21)
16. The Discovery / Trust Your Back (5:01)*
17. The River (2:26)
18. Rescued (6:03)
19. End Title (Lost In The Wild)(s) (1:59)*
20. The Edge (2:55)

Bonus Tracks

21. False Hope (Alternate Take) (1:08)*
22. Rescued (Film Version Ending) (1:19)*
23. The Edge (Alternate Take) (3:00)*

* - Previously unreleased

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The Edge

Album Review

A stylish mix of adventure movie and character piece from acclaimed writer David Mamet and featuring a prestige lead in Anthony Hopkins. Lee Tamahori's wilderness thriller was crying out for a spectacular Jerry Goldsmith score and thankfully got it.

Goldsmith begins with a stunningly lush main theme notably played by horns and strings (Lost In The Wild) for the film's opening sequence of a small plane flying across the bleak but beautiful Canadian wilderness. It's this theme that later on identifies Hopkins' character and his relationships with both his cheating wife and Baldwin's 'other man'.

The second cue (The Ravine) introduces ominous, growling brass and propulsive percussion lead action for the terrifying bear encounter and the chase through the trees ending at a Ravine and a chance to escape. Notably, Goldsmith also uses downwards glissandi, for the strings, creating an eerie and unusual sound like a wind machine that adds further tension to the chilling encounter between man and beast.

Birds is a partly unused cue as a flock of birds smash into the plane carrying our heroes and force them to crash into an icy cold lake. The second part of the cue emerges in the film as the plane hits the water and three survivors swim to the surface and begin their survival adventure.

A brief rest bite between the action comes in the form of Mighty Hunter and Bitter Coffee as Goldsmith provides subtler, and sometimes warmer scoring for the men's early attempts of foraging for food and keeping warm. While Stalking and Deadfall setup the final confrontation between men and bear. Here Goldsmith unleashes more terrifying string effects and low end brass, before the latter cue erupts into a monumental action piece, highlighting a plethora of percussion, and bellowing brass statements as the bear is finally slain.

The score closes with the subtle cue; The River and the emotional finale cue Rescued as Goldsmith celebrates Hopkins' survival with a dramatic rendition of his main theme, coupled with a sad oboe statement for the death of Baldwin's character. Sadly this latter cue does seem to include some distortion that should have really been picked up before RCA's CD was pressed into production.

The album closes with an improvised Jazz variation on the main theme (The Edge), performed by Goldsmith regular; Mike Lang at the Piano, and featuring percussion brushes. This cue was not part of the score and was only included as Goldsmith found they had some additional time left on the scoring stage after the score had been recorded.

The Edge is one of Jerry Goldsmith's most rewarding adventure scores that combines powerhouse orchestration, show casing an abundance of 'Ramboesque' percussion and brass but juxtaposed with a gorgeous and expansive main theme that gives way to more subtler moments.