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Music Conducted By
Lionel Newman

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By
Len Engel

Performed By
The National Philharmonic

The Ambrosian Singers

Album Produced By
Jerry Goldsmith
Robert Townson

Varese Sarabande
VCD 302 066 289 2

Previous Release(s)
Varese Sarabande CD

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Normal Release

Cues & Timings

1. Main Title (3:26)
2. The Ambassador (4:48)
3. Trial Run (2:12)
4. The Monastery (3:14)
5. A T.V. First (2:48)
6. The Statue (4:11)*
7. The Second Coming (3:22)
8. Electric Storm (5:19)
9. The Hunt (4:00)
10. The Blooding (3:36)
11. Lost Children (3:42)
12. 666 (3:00)*
13. Parted Hair (6:33)
14. The Iron (2:28)
15. The Final Conflict (8:32)*

* World Premiere Release/Expanded Cue

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The Final Conflict (The Deluxe Edition)

New version of a Goldsmith classic. Never has hell sounded so much like heaven! From the icy cold orchestra and choir of the first two movies to the Cathedral like beauty of the third film, Goldsmith changed direction and created what most believe to be the best of the series for the weaker of the three films! Still capturing the tension and horror through some ear splitting choral assaults but equally creating some of the most beautifully majestic cues ever put to film. The Second Coming remains a glorious highlight.

Now re-mastered, eliminating the poor sound from the first album and including some missing cues and extensions. Varese have finally answered all our prayers and done justice to a classic film score.

Expanded review to follow.