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Unaired pilot scored by Goldsmith &
During my researches trying to compile a complete Discography/Filmography, I've found this entries, ...
30-6-07 at 08:53
by: Wilson Maffetano
James Bond Dies
Barry Nelson, the first actor to portray James Bond on a 1954 adaptation of "Cassino Royale" for the ...
14-4-07 at 03:53
by: Wilson Maffetano
The "Lost" Scores
Thanks, Justin! I'll update my listings.

Being a Thunderbirds fan myself, it's a shame I've forgo ...
29-3-07 at 03:31
by: Wilson Maffetano
Planet of the Apes music in Buck Rogers
Just found this on an IMDB entry about Richard LaSalle:

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" (1 epis ...
25-3-07 at 06:27
by: Wilson Maffetano
Planet of the Apes music in Buck Rogers
I know the episode "Cruise Ship to the Stars" uses the track "Hot Car" from "Police Story".

Appel ...
25-3-07 at 06:10
by: Wilson Maffetano
The "Lost" Scores
This is the best list I've been able to compile. But I cannot be sure if it's complete.

1966 - Gr ...
25-3-07 at 04:41
by: Wilson Maffetano
CBS Radio Workshop
From the Bernard Herrmann Society's forum - "Talking Herrmann":

"For those who don't frequent the ...
25-3-07 at 04:18
by: Wilson Maffetano
Alien info from FSM Board...
[quote][i]Originally posted by hollowman[/i]
Nick Redman is on the FSM board ?
Wouldn't it be som ...
25-3-07 at 02:26
by: Wilson Maffetano
Alien info from FSM Board...
I've just read that and was about to post it here...

That's very unfortunate for us. I think we s ...
25-3-07 at 02:23
by: Wilson Maffetano
Best Goldsmith Western Score
That's very difficult to answer, for all of them are fantastic, no exceptions.

Each movie has its ...
26-11-06 at 04:25
by: Wilson Maffetano
Runaway Deluxe
Well, I've missed this one, again! (I only have the old LP)... :(

I was busy at my job due to the ...
8-11-06 at 02:43
by: Wilson Maffetano
This is a shame!

I was busy at my job due to the monthend and I completely forgot about the Vares ...
8-11-06 at 02:36
by: Wilson Maffetano
Which version do YOU prefer?!
The original, of course!

That's the way Goldsmith devised the music to be after first reacting to ...
22-10-06 at 06:36
by: Wilson Maffetano
Top 10 Jerry!
This post has been done once, and it'd be interesting to check my answers now against that one...

22-10-06 at 06:28
by: Wilson Maffetano
The Rambo movies
All 3 scores are wonderfull, specially "First Blood", for its freshness...

And I like all 3 movie ...
31-8-06 at 05:29
by: Wilson Maffetano
Michael Giacchino Star Trek XI
It has been said already that ST XI will try "new" directions and be aimed to "Lost" and "24 Hours" ...
31-8-06 at 05:19
by: Wilson Maffetano
Ahhhh, if I'm lucky, it'll be a complete 2-CD "Masada"!
25-6-06 at 01:39
by: Wilson Maffetano
Jerry was a Democrat
Hi Damien!

"You're still alive, my old friend !".

Are you going to have a cameo on the new "Th ...
2-6-06 at 17:23
by: Wilson Maffetano
Jerry was a Democrat
Hi, Olivier!

Things are going fine, thank you!

I'm not posting too much, I know, but I visit y ...
31-5-06 at 15:16
by: Wilson Maffetano
Jerry was a Democrat
Just found this curious entry on the Internet:

Goldsmith, Jerrald
Self ...
29-5-06 at 14:37
by: Wilson Maffetano
Damnation Alley DVD soon?
I remember this movie for 2 things only:

1. The excelent Goldsmith score
2. Paul "Capt.Terrell" ...
1-4-06 at 16:35
by: Wilson Maffetano
There are 2 boots containing a 26 minutes suite from the movie. One is a LP and the other a CD.

S ...
21-2-06 at 00:10
by: Wilson Maffetano
Your Favourite Musical Moments
Some of my favourite moments...

ST-TMP: "Leaving Drydock" - after waiting 10 years to see the Ent ...
30-9-05 at 23:33
by: Wilson Maffetano
Anyone know what this is?
It's just a 27 minutes documentary produced in 1989 by the International School of Cinema and Televi ...
20-9-05 at 22:02
by: Wilson Maffetano
Track titles?!
[quote][i]Originally posted by Justin Boggan[/i]
Nice work [b]Wilson Maffetano[/b]!

You want any ...
14-9-05 at 22:21
by: Wilson Maffetano
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