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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Alexander Courage

Recorded By
Bruce Botnick

Performed By
The National Philharmonic Orchestra

Album Produced By

Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 312

Previous Release(s)
Hollywood Records

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Normal Release

Cues & Timings

CD 1

1. Opening Title (Tall Grass)* (1:03)
2. Train To Catch (2:01)
3. First Time** (4:01)
4. Over There* (0:56)
5. One Shot* (1:34)
6. The Claws – Revised [Alternate]* (3:54)
7. Mahina’s Death [Alternate]* (0:48)
8. The Funeral* (0:45)
9. The Wall** (1:31)
10. Starling’s Death [Alternate]* (5:56)
11. The Lions Reign (2:39)
12. Near Miss* (1:23)
13. Prepare For Battle** (4:33)
14. You’ve Been Hit** (3:23)
15. Preparations – Revised [Alternate]* (1:38)
16. The Trap [Alternate]* (2:00)
17. Lions Attack* (5:33)
18. The Cave*+ (4:14)
19. After You* (0:44)
20. The Baboon [Alternate]* (0:41)
21. First Kill [Alternate]* (2:44)
22. John’s Nightmare* (1:23)
23. Remington’s Death (2:30)
24. Final Attack – Revised* (2:49)
25. Welcome to Tsavo #2 – Revised** (9:50)
Total Score Time: 69:33

The Extras (Unused Mixes and Alternates Part 1

26. Tall Grass [Original]*+ (1:03)
27. The Claws – Revised*+ (2:56)
28. Mahina’s Death [Original]*+ (0:48)
29. The Box Car [Unused Insert]*+ (0:29)
30. The Box Car [Original]*+ (0:57)
31. Near Miss [Alternate]*+ (0:27)
32. Stand Off [Original]*+ (2:12)
The Extras Part 1 Time: 9:04

CD 1 Total Time: 78:43

CD 2 The Extras - Unused Mixes and Alternates Part 2

1. Starling’s Death [Original]*+ (5:57)
2. The Thicket [Original]*+ (3:29)
3. Preparations [Original]*+ (1:34)
4. The Trap [Original]*+ (2:00)
5. The Baboon [Original]*+ (0:41)
6. First Kill [Original]*+ (2:40)
7. First Kill [With Extension]*+ (2:38)
8. Welcome To Tsavo #2 [Original]+ (2:53)

The Extras Part 2 Time: 22:09

Original 1996 Soundtrack Album

9. Theme From The Ghost And The Darkness (2:11)
10. The Bridge (4:09)
11. Catch A Train (2:02)
12. Lions Attack (5:18)
13. First Time (2:00)
14. Starling’s Death (5:57)
15. Lions Reign (2:40)
16. Preparations (2:46)
17. Remington’s Death (2:31)
18. Prepare For Battle (2:00)
19. Final Attack (2:53)
20. Welcome To Tsavo (4:59)
21. Hamara Haath (“Our Hands Unite”) (3:05)
22. Dueling Chants, Part 1: “Jungal Bahar” (3:20)
23. Safari Ya Bamba (“Journey To Bamba”) (2:32)
24. Terere Obande (2:42)
25. Iye Oyeha (2:13)

Total Album Time: 53:29
CD 2 Total Time: 75:44

*Previously Unreleased
**Contains Music Previously Unreleased
+Not in Film

Soundtrack Ratings







The Ghost And The Darkness


It's not difficult to see why Jerry Goldsmith relished the opportunity to score The Ghost And The Darkness; its dramatic true story, an historical backdrop and exotic locales all spoke of a score that the composer doesn't get the chance to write any more. The Theme From The Ghost And The Darkness establishes his vision for the overall score and sets about encompassing the disparate character elements into a main theme. Firstly a wistful Gaelic melody for Val Kilmer's Irishman, secondly a British Colonial theme for the bridge building project, and finally ethnic percussion via African/Hindu chanting for the film's locale and man eating Lions.

The Bridge opens with ethnic percussion and vocalisations but is soon reinforced by orchestra for the first views of the impressive building project, before the music transforms into a subtle love theme. Catch A Train expands upon this theme proper with Kilmer parting from his wife and Goldsmith providing a sentimental farewell with soothing strings and horn, before the score takes on its inevitably darker tone. Lions Attack says it all, as Goldsmith mounts a rhythmic action cue for synth and ethnic percussion, joined by brass and unsettling guttural vocalisations crying out as the bloody battle unfolds. The aftermath of the attack has Goldsmith in an unsurprisingly reflective mood developing winds and soaring vocals into a moving eulogy for the fallen.

Spectacular African vistas and wild life set the scene for the First Time, with the theme rendered by both orchestra and ethnic elements; notably tabla and ghattam. While Starling's Death develops into a dramatic cue for strained vocalisations, rallying ethnic percussion and low end brass, with Goldsmith concluding the piece on a heartfelt reading for strings. Lions Reign and Preparations initially follow similar paths but transform into score highlights that hint at the mystical qualities of the man eaters through haunting chorus and an eerie motif for harp and strings. While Remington's Death gets a towering choral and orchestral anthem for the demise of the Michael Douglas character.

Prepare for Battle introduces the final act with tabla and shakers, before Goldsmith mounts his Final Attack, exploding into a cacophony of vocals, percussion and angry brass statements. Goldsmith's battle cry transcends from terrifying action into nail biting suspense as man and beast fight for supremacy, with the cue climaxing on a heroic brass statement that heralds victory. The score portion of the soundtrack closes with the finale; Welcome To Tsavo and a reprise of the love theme as Kilmer's character prepares for his return home. Bold brass is juxtaposed with the haunting Lion chanting once more, perhaps to question their mythical return some day? Before the main theme signals the film's end credits over archival images of the completed bridge.

One of the composer's finest scores for the 90s, beautifully performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra and featuring one of Bruce Botnick's best recordings in Europe.