The Illustrated Man FSM CD


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Music Conducted By
Samuel Matlovsky

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Album Produced By
Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly
FSMCD Vol. 4, No. 14

Previous Release(s)
Tsunami Boot

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1: Main Title (3:28)
2: The House (2:50)
3: The Illustrations (2:25)
4: Felicia (1:40)
5: The Rose (1:55)
6: The Lion (:51)
7: 21st Century House (1:56)
8: Angry Child (1:49)
9: Quiet Evening (2:50)
10: Skin Illustrations (1:22)
11: The Rocket (1:19)
12: The Rain (1:34)
13: The Sun Dome (1:24)
14: Almost a Wife (6:05)
15: The Morning After (2:00)
16: The House is Gone (3:46)
17: Frightened Willie (4:29)

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The Illustrated Man

Important Sci-Fi fantasy score from the late 60's now beautifully preserved on CD by FSM. The film may not have garnered any acclaim but Goldsmith's score remains a genre classic. Even author Bradbury could not fail to be impressed by the score's originality and the colourful ingenuity of the orchestration. Goldsmith's mystical folk like theme introduces three dark fantasy tales each with their own musical signature. With careful spotting, inspired instrument palette that included traditional string section, icy cold electronics, and tried and trusted 60's favourites Sitar and guitars, Goldsmith made Illustrated Man a musical feast of film scoring bravado.

Expanded review to follow.