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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith
Lionel Newman

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton
Alexander Courage
Jerry Goldsmith

Recorded By
Bruce Botnick
Len Engal
Rick Hart
John Neal
Michael Matessino
Michael McDonald
John Richards
Brian Risner
Armin Steiner
Eric Tomlinson

Performed By

Album Produced By

Jerry Goldsmith

Varese Sarabande CD Club
VCL 0204 1028

Previous Release(s)
Discs 1-3 (FSM and Varese)

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time
7 Hours

Limited Edition Release

Cues & Timings


Disc One / Total Time 77:05

1. Main Title (3:08)
2. First Battle (2:49)
3. Attack (3:14)
4. German Advance (2:31)
5. Pensive Patton / End Titles (2:19)

Tora! Tora! Tora!
6. Main Title (3:02)
7. Chancellery (1:04)
8. Pre-Flight Countdown (2:07)
9. On The Way (1:39)
10. The Final Message (4:51)

The Sand Pebbles
11. Overture (2:17)
12. Main Title (2:57)
13. Getting Acquainted (3:53)
14. Death of A Thousand Cuts (4:47)

15. Main Title / Tokyo Assignment (2:09)

The Blue Max
16. Main Title (2:19)
17. First Blood (2:22)
18. The Attack (6:29)

Planet of the Apes
19. Main Title (2:12)
20. The Clothes Snatchers (3:09)
21. The Hunt (5:10)

Escape From The Planet of the Apes
22. Main Title (2:27)

Our Man Flint
23. Our Man Flint (1:52)
24. You’re A Foolish Man, Mr. Flint (2:06)

In Like Flint
25. Where the Bad Guys Are Gals (2:42)
26. Mince and Cook Until Tender (2:39)

Disc Two / Total Time 77:47

Bad Girls
1. The Hanging (3:17)
2. My Land (6:50)

Take A Hard Ride
3. Main Title (2:16)
4. The Snake (2:09)
5. The Wagon (5:53)

Rio Conchos
6. Main Title (2:33)
7. Bandits Ho! (6:01)

100 Rifles
8. Main Title (1:24)
9. Escape and Pursuit (3:52)
10. I’ll Go Back (1:33)

11. Main Title (2:30)
12. A New Passenger (1:44)
13. Family History (4:33)

The Flim Flam Man
14. Main Title (1:38)
15. No Rest For the Wicked (3:47)

A Girl Named Sooner
16. Main Title (3:06)
17. Making A Difference (2:14)

Ace Eli and Roger of the Skies
18. Main Title (2:11)
19. Off to Monument (2:23)
20. Final Flight (4:46 )

21. Justine (2:35)
22. The School (3:38)

The Stripper
23. Main Title (2:24)
24. Sunday Dinner (2:08)
25. End Title (1:29)

Disc Three / Total Time 69:33

The Edge
1. Lost In The Wild (2:59)
2. Deadfall (6:12)
3. The Edge (2:54)

Chain Reaction
4. Meet Eddie (4:52)
5. Ice Chase (5:50)

6. Main Title (2:02)
7. Corky’s Retreat (2:54)
8. Appassionata (2:07)

The Other
9. Main Title (1:32)
10. The Brothers (3:26)
11. The Flight (2:15)

The Mephisto Waltz
12. Main Title (2:27)
13. A Night In Mexico (2:16)
14. End Title (3:45)

The Omen
15. Ave Satani (2:31)
16. The New Ambassador (2:32)
17. The Killer Storm (2:53)

Damien: Omen II
18. Main Title (5:03)
19. Runaway Train (2:38)

The Final Conflict
20. The Hunt (4:01)
21. The Final Conflict (3:44)

Disc Four / Total Time 60:16

The Agony and the Ecstasy
1. Prologue —
The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint (12:23)
i. Rome
ii. Florence
iii. The Crucifix
iv. The Stone Giants
v. The Agony of Creation

Shock Treatment
2. Main Title (2:31)
3. Home Work (:57)
4. Broken Glass (:38)
5. Night Scene (3:44)
6. Nelson’s Seduction (2:02)
7. Shot In the Neck (2:34)
8. Nelson’s Escape (3:00)
9. Hot Money #2 (3:44)
10. End Titles (:48)

Fate Is The Hunter
11. Main Title (1:17)
12. The Room (2:06)
13. Fate Is The Hunter (vocal: Jerry Write) (1:05)
14. Finale and End Titles (2:16)

Von Ryan’s Express
15. The Compound (3:31)
16. Fire Sale (3:51)
17. The Trek Begins (:53)
18. The Ambush (2:54)
19. The Train (2:15)
20. Dead End (2:28)
21. End Titles (:46)
Bonus Track:
22. Fire Sale (alternate) (3:49)

Disc Five / Total Time 65:19

1. Main Title (3:02)
2. Anybody Got A Key? (2:49)
3. The Mannequin (1:44)
4. New Friends (1:40)
5. Who’s Paying? (1:03)
6. Dog-Gone Par’s (1:56)
7. Tools Of The Trade (1:20)
8. The Buy (2:52)
9. End Title (2:22)

The Chairman
10. Suite (13:25)

The Detective
11. Main Title (1:35)
12. Joe (1:47)
13. The School Dance (:44)
14. A New Love (1:06)
15. A Family Affair (1:56)
16. Beach Scene (:38)
17. The Ball Game (:38)
18. Karen’s Story (1:09)
19. Night Talk (1:59)
20. The Safe Cracker (2:00)
21. McIver’s Story (2:16)
22. Joe’s Decision (2:19)

23. Main Title (Film Version) (4:09)
24. Suite (10:13)

Disc Six / Total Time 71:07

Damnation Alley
1. Main Title / The Missile Site (2:05)
2. After the Holocaust (2:21)
3. Into the Valley (1:42)
4. The Land Master (1:49)
5. Cockroach Attack (4:30)
6. Finding Billy (1:22)
7. The Realignment (1:24)
8. Blue Sky (2:17)
9. Finale (1:36)

Anna and the King
10. Main Title (:47)
11. Anna Arrives (1:43)
12. March of the Royal Children (:47)
13. My Secret (2:17)
14. The Throne Room (1:13)
15. Anna Decides (1:21)
16. Better Ways (1:15)
17. A Royal Child (1:25)
18. No Marriage (1:17)
19. You Lose (2:55)
20. A Practical Woman (:35)
21. End Titles (:32)

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
22. Main Title (1:36)
23. A Warm Day (1:07)
24. No Tree (1:50)
25. When My Ship Comes In (1:34)
26. The Cake (1:11)
27. Don’t Touch Me (1:15)
28. Father’s Girl (2:41)
29. A New Tree (3:01)

The Vanishing
30. The Couple (2:14)
31. A Beginning (3:44)
32. Diane (2:40)
33. Burial Ground, Resolution & Coda (12:07)

Soundtrack Ratings







Jerry Goldsmith At 20th Century Fox

Mind blowing, incredible, spectacular, unbelievable, jaw dropping and awesome are just some of the ways to describe this 6 CD box set from the Varese Sarabande CD Club that coincided with Jerry Goldsmith's 75th Birthday in 2004. But by releasing this epic set Varese have managed to both excite and alienate Goldsmith fandom in equal measure with a limited run of only 1500 discs, a hefty $129 price tag and package that includes three discs of previously released music. Any way, now it's here and in the hands of the lucky few, was it worth it? Of course it was! It is everything that a Goldsmith fanatic could have only dreamt about and more. Varese and Nick Redman have plundered the Fox archive and preserved as much as they could before the music literally disintegrated. A sad fact that that so many tapes are rotting away and some scores such as Take Her She's Mine were unsalvageable. In other areas complete scores were simply not available and key elements missing, such as the electronic stems from Damnation Alley. Basically thank your lucky stars for Robert Townson and Nick Redman for doing as much as they could when they did as the majority of music on this CD behemoth would simply not have been released.

As mentioned, the first three discs are highlights from scores that have been released before, and in most cases are still available in complete soundtrack form. Disc one focuses on War movies with the classic Patton, the dramatic Tora, Tora, Tora, the legendary Blue Max, the exotic epic The Sand Pebbles and the minor espionage thriller Morituri. The first disc concludes with key moments from Goldsmith's landmark 'serial' score to The Planet Of the Apes plus the guilty pleasures of Escape From The Planet Of The Apes as well as the equally pop orientated but fun Our Man and In Like Flint scores.

Disc two features mostly westerns including Goldsmith's south of the border scores to Rio Conchos, 100 Rifles and his most recent Bad Girls, which is one of the few modern scores that's now deleted. We also have the minor Stagecoach remake and the infectious theme to the Spaghetti (ish) western Take A Hard Ride. The disc then changes genre with a selection of dramas from the 60's and 70's. Here we have samples from the melancholy A Girl Named Sooner, the lyrical Americana of The Flim Flam Man and Ace Eli Rodger Of The Skies, Goldsmith's first big screen collaboration with Franklin J Schaffner for The Stripper and finally the beautifully exotic theme for Justine.

Disc three looks at some later work for the Fox studio with the high tech chase thriller Chain Reaction (I wish we could have had the unreleased cue for The Bridge) as well as the Wilderness action thriller The Edge. The latter portion of this disc then moves into darker territory with one of the composer's finest scores to the chiller Magic, before things get positively terrifying with the weird and wonderful The Other and equally so for The Mephisto Waltz. The final three scores are none other than Goldsmith's landmark work for The Omen trilogy. With selected highlights from the Oscar winning first, two cues from the cold and chilling Damien, and two from the elegant score for The Final Conflict.

But it's Disc 4 that things get interesting, especially for fans who own everything on the first three discs. As we get into an abundance of previously unreleased scores. First up is the famous Agony And The Ecstasy prologue written for the film's original cinematic showcase when the film's original composer, Alex North, was too busy. Although re-recorded by Goldsmith and the LSO in 1989, this is probably the first time most have heard the original. A generous selection then follows from Shock Treatment, though this is unfortunately monophonic and in terms of source quality rather poor. A great shame as this is one Goldsmith score I wanted to hear properly as it is clearly very strong and quite atmospheric, with some genuinely creepy music as well as some solid action and suspense. The only remaining tracks from Fate Is The Hunter, a drama about an air accident investigator, come next and allows us a rare chance to sample one of Goldsmith's strongest themes. So good it was expanded to incorporate a vocal and end credit chorale arrangement, which are both included.

Then comes a selection from the popular WWII prison break adventure Von Ryan's Express. This one has appeared almost complete on a Tsunami disc, and you'll still want to keep hold of that disc as sadly there is less music to be found on the Box Set. But the good news is what we do have is a superior stereo source, though some tracks sound better than others. But I'm thankful that the likes of the missing prologue and my favourite cue; the suspense classic Dead End survived. Though the inclusion of an alternate take of the Fire Sale sequence is pretty redundant as it's almost identical to the first.

Disc 5 continues with more rarities starting off with what must be Goldsmith's silliest theme and score, along with Do Not Fold, Spindle Or Mutilate, for the espionage comedy S*P*Y*S. Though a crystal clear stereo source does force you to reappraise this music and reveals a score with some catchy tunes and some undeniable charm. Definitely another guilty pleasure. Of particular interest on this disc though is a suite from The Chairman, which until now has only been available as a distorted sounding CD on the Silva label. Although this suite is in mono the sound is quite spectacular and encompasses a number of key sequences including the finale, though sadly it doesn't include the Main Title.

Next up is the Frank Sinatra police thriller The Detective with Goldsmith providing one of his shortest scores, sparsely used and featuring a lazy Jazz main theme. Again this comes from a very good stereo source. The disc concludes with a suite from the classic score to Alien, focussing on a number of popular cues that never made it to the official soundtrack album. These include the film version of the Main Title, the Hyper Sleep Wake Up, Brett's Death as well as moments from the finale of the movie. It is hoped that this selection is just a taster to a forthcoming complete or deluxe edition that hopefully Varese will be able to release at some point.

Disc 6 kicks off with my favourite score of all time, a score I thought I would never get to hear outside the movie. This is the score that got me interested in film music and more importantly Jerry Goldsmith's music. It is of course Damnation Alley! Finally a chance to savour a good portion of this much admired sci-fi adventure score. Although as previously mentioned the electronic elements remain missing, so cues that heavily feature them have not been included. Although saying that the producers have included the Scorpion Attack (known here as Into The Valley). Other highlights include the ominous militaristic Main Title, the Stravinskyesque After The Holocaust, the awesome action cue Cock Roach Attack and the finale cues that showcase Goldsmith's warm secondary theme that resolves the film. Interestingly a number of these rare cues reveal portions of music not used in the finished film. Of course it would be great to have the remaining action music, but I'm ecstatic to be able to play some of my favourite score, which incidentally sounds pretty good. The detail of the recording is quite breathtaking and the powerful percussion literally thunders at your speakers. I freely admit this is why I spent $150, this is why I'm here - the music of Damnation Alley! Thank you Varese!!

Next up is an ultra rare selection from an early ethnic score to the short lived TV series Anna And The King. Goldsmith does well in keeping with the style of the famous movie musical and at the same time delivers another memorable theme for the small screen. Though being a TV score a number of the cues are frustratingly short, leaving the listener literally begging for more. A little hissy but essentially another surprisingly good source though.

Another unexpected and welcome inclusion is the score from the acclaimed TV movie adaptation of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and features another one of Goldsmith's touching works for the small screen, again from a solid stereo source. The CD and collection then closes with series of cues from the US remake of The Vanishing. One of the few latter day scores to have not been officially released on album at the time of the movie, supposedly at the composer insistence? Featured highlights include the eerie theme and the lengthy and exciting finale set piece. Not surprisingly for a modern score this comes from a good source, hiss free compared to the Promo/Boot score CD released in the 90s.

So there we have it a generous slice of Jerry Goldsmith's career and time at 20th Century Fox all packaged up in a beautifully presented box set and informative 64 page booklet. Although this is not the complete account by any means, boy was it all worth it. A fantastic release that deserves awards galore, a wonderful showcase for the great Jerry Goldsmith and the hugely productive time he spent scoring for one Hollywood's greatest studios. A triumphant parade of genuinely great film and TV music that in most cases we thought would never be released.

Thank you Robert Townson, Nick Redman and of course Jerry Goldsmith!