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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Alexander Courage

Lyrics By
John Bettis

Recorded By
Mike Ross Trevor

Performed By
The National Philharmonic

Album Produced By
Jerry Goldsmith

Silva Screen Records US

Previous Release(s)
Filmtrax LP/CD
Silva Screen UK (expanded)

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Normal Release

Cues & Timings

1. Main Title*/The Goblins (5:45)
2. My True Love's Eyes/The Cottage (5:04)
3. The Unicorns (7:53)
4. Living River*/Bumps & Hollow/The Freeze (7:21)
5. The Faeries*/The Riddle (4:52)
6. Sing the Wee (1:07)
7. Forgive Me (5:13)
8. Faerie Dance* (1:51)
9. The Armour* (2:16)
10. Oona*/The Jewels* (6:40)
11. The Dress Waltz (2:47)
12. Darkness Fails* (7:27)
13. The Ring (6:28)
14. Re-United

* previously unreleased

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A re-issue of Silva Screen's expanded edition of Goldsmith's critically acclaimed score. Foolishly rejected from the US theatrical release back in 1985, and now restored to a new director's cut special edition DVD. This new CD offers nothing more than a dramatic improvement in presentation - now with the gorgeous cinematic poster artwork, that should have adorned the Silva UK original.

Goldsmith's score, now fully exonerated by the director himself, is one of the finest examples of the composer's integration of electronics and large orchestra. Perfectly capturing the essence of Scott's dark fairy tale world, Goldsmith utilised an imaginative array of electronic sounds, with powerful chorus and sumptuous orchestral support from the much missed National Philharmonic Orchestra. The final trio of cues providing the score its crowning glory.

Expanded review to follow.