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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly
FSMCD Vol. 5, No. 2

Previous Release(s)
Bay Cities CD
Chapter III CD

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Running Time

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Cues & Timings

1. The Dome/The City/Nursery (3:05)
2. Flame out (3:23)
3. Fatal Games (2:26)
4. On the Circuit (3:49)
5. The Assignment/Lost Years (5:59)
6. She'll Do It/Let Me Help (2:41)
7. Crazy Ideas (2:38)
8. A Little Muscle (2:22)
9. Terminated in Cathedral (1:28)
10. Intensive Care (3:00)
11. Love Shop (3:43)
12. They're Watching/Doc Is Dead (2:45)
13. The Key/Box (4:22)
14. Ice Sculpture (3:35)
15. The Sun (2:15)
16. The Monument (8:12)
17. The Truth (2:03)
18. You're Renewed (2:58)
19. The Journey Back/The Beach (1:36)
20. Return to the City/Apprehensions (2:30)
21. The Interrogation (3:58)
22. End of the City (2:23)
23. Love Theme From "Logan's Run" (2:27)

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Logan's Run

Where disco met sci-fi but without a dance beat in earshot. If you think you've heard Logan’s Run then think again! This new edition from FSM featuring, for the first time, the complete score is an absolute marvel. Forget the previous LP and CD re-issues, FSM have slaved over this recording and finally presented the music as it was originally intended. No longer does the orchestra sound like five musicians playing from inside a card box, they now sound like a full symphony orchestra! The amazing electronic accompaniment is now full on and a feast of incredible detail with new ingenious and terrifying sounds pouring forth like a brand new score.

Goldsmith’s 76 score predating the Star Wars revolution by one year still remains a respected piece of film music history. Goldsmith’s work with electronics during the 60’s and early 70’s effectively made Logan’s Run a culmination of his efforts and this new CD presents a wealth of additional electronic music to evaluate. They may not be easy listening but they remain required and compulsive listening. For the tale of a post apocalyptic vision - a world housed in a sterile and oppressive futuristic city, Goldsmith extracted strings and keyboards and overwhelmed them with a palette of pulsing, beeping electronics. If there was anything to warn mankind of the dangers of progress and technology, Goldsmith underlined the awful reality of relying on computers to tell us how to live right here. In contrast a full orchestra provides the relief and the sequences outside the city, the triumphant sunrise remains a piece of Goldsmith history and the playful beauty of the Monument a moment to savour.