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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton
Alexander Courage

Recorded By
Bruce Botnick

Performed By
The National Philharmonic

Album Produced By
Jerry Goldsmith

Varèse Sarabande
VSD 5442

Previous Release(s)

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Normal Release

Cues & Timings

1. Main Title (3:31)
2. A Lift Home (1:45)
3. No Friends (1:33)
4. With Malice (2:54)
5. The Handyman (2:45)
6. Clues (7:15)
7. No Choice (2:39)
8. The Body (10:43)

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Another strong score, for the psychological thriller genre, from Jerry Goldsmith, and containing one of the composer's most beautiful main themes. Goldsmith introduces it by way of a child's electronic keyboard, the use of which has significance later in the movie. The cue then transforms into a gorgeous choral rendition of the theme (Main Title), combining London voices with harp, keyboards and strings to produce the score's highlight cue.

The second cue (A Lift Home) is noteworthy for being a beautifully judged piece for a dialogue sequence between Pullman's character and his wife, played by Nicole Kidman. Scoring dialogue must be one of the most difficult elements of any score, but Goldsmith displays a keen sensitivity with a perfectly restrained piece for strings, delicately punctuated with keyboards. The mood of this cue is carried into the next (No friends) as Goldsmith develops a more melancholy rendition of his theme for strings and piano.

The suspense elements of the story pickup in both With Malice and The Handyman. Here electronics enter the fray, with synth drums and a ticking synth effect, joined by trembling strings. The latter cue builds steadily before the music erupts in a crescendo of drums, brass and strings as the killer is apprehended. Clues kicks off the second part of the movie as Bill Pullman's character tails Baldwin's Doctor. Goldsmith provides a lengthy cue developing his main theme into a lively chase cue of sorts, while synth drums give the cue further momentum supported by high strings, building to a dramatic brass statement, as Pullman's character realises he's been betrayed.

Goldsmith closes the score with a 10 minute finale for the final confrontation between Pullman's Husband and Nicole Kidman's psychotic. As with earlier cues this is a slow burner combining menacing strings, synth drums and effects, but is now joined by deep powerful brass statements for the action, notable by a final crescendo featuring a Rosenman style pyramid. With the story resolved Goldsmith finishes with a warm but down beat variation of his theme for strings and keyboards, before the chorus returns for the end credits.