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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith
And Others

Orchestrations By
Jerry Goldsmith
And Others

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Albums Produced By
Jon Burlingame

Film Score Monthly
FSMCD Vol. 5, No. 18 (Vol 1)
FSMCD Vol. 6, No. 17 (Vol 2)
FSMCD Vol. 7, No. 14 (Vol 3)

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Running Time
77:05  (Vol 1 Disc 1)
76:08  (Vol1 Disc 2)
77:54  (Vol 2 Disc 1)
76:29  (Vol 2 Disc 2)
77:21  (Vol 3 Disc 1)
77:03  (Vol 3 Disc 2)

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Cues & Timings

Vol1 Disc One

1. First Season Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith) (0:45)
2. The Vulcan Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) (14:01)
3. The Deadly Games Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) (11:48)
4. The Double Affair (Morton Stevens) (6:51)
5. The Project Strigas Affair (Walter Scharf) (7:14)
6. The King of Knaves Affair (Jerry Goldsmith) (12:22)
7. The Fiddlesticks Affair (Lalo Schifrin) (6:30)
8. Meet Mr. Solo (Jerry Goldsmith) (2:05)
9. First Season End Title (Jerry Goldsmith) (0:49)
10. Second Season End Title (Goldsmith, arr. Schifrin) (0:49)
11. The Alexander the Greater Affair (Gerald Fried) (13:12)

Vol1 Disc Two

1. The Foxes and Hounds Affair (Robert Drasnin) (5:16)
2. The Discotheque Affair (Gerald Fried) (8:49)
3. The Re-Collectors Affair (Robert Drasnin) (6:29)
4. The Arabian Affair (Gerald Fried) (5:29)
5. The Tigers Are Coming Affair (Robert Drasnin) (4:20)
6. The Cherry Blossom Affair (Gerald Fried) (5:12)
7. The Dippy Blonde Affair (Robert Drasnin) (7:50)
8. Third Season End Title (Goldsmith, arr. Fried) (0:39)
9. The Her Master's Voice Affair (Gerald Fried) (4:50)
10. The Monks of St. Thomas Affair (Gerald Fried) (7:37)
11. The Pop Art Affair (Robert Drasnin) (4:50)
12. Fourth Season Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. unknown) (0:32)
13. The Summit-Five Affair (Richard Shores) (5:52)
14. The "J" for Judas Affair (Richard Shores) (8:03)

Vol 2 Disc One

1. First Season End Title (Jerry Goldsmith) (1:16)
2. The Vulcan Affair suite no. 2 (Goldsmith) (9:59)
3. The Iowa-Scuba Affair (Morton Stevens) (6:54)
4. The Shark Affair (Walter Scharf) (7:55)
5. The Deadly Games Affair suite no. 2 (Goldsmith) (8:38)
6. Meet Mr. Solo (Goldsmith) (1:45)
7. The Giuoco Piano Affair (Scharf) (3:23)
8. The King of Knaves Affair suite no. 2 (Goldsmith) (3:40)
9. First Season Main Title, revised (Goldsmith, arr. Stevens) (0:56)
10. The Deadly Decoy Affair (Scharf) (4:32)
11. The Spy With My Face (Stevens) (5:12)
12. Second Season Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. Lalo Schifrin) (0:37)
13. Alexander the Greater Affair (Gerald Fried) (1:25)
14. The Ultimate Computer Affair (Schifrin) (5:00)
15. The Very Important Zombie Affair (Fried) (4:10)
16. The Dippy Blonde Affair (Robert Drasnin) (2:01)
17. The Deadly Goddess Affair (Fried) (2:31)
18. The Moonglow Affair (Fried) (7:09)

Vol 2 Disc Two

1. One of Our Spies Is Missing (Goldsmith, arr. Fried) (3:08)
2. Third Season Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. Fried) (0:31)
3. The Sort of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair (Fried) (6:39)
4. The Galatea Affair (Robert Drasnin) (5:36)
5. The Pop Art Affair (Drasnin) (4:34)
6. The Come With Me to the Casbah Affair (Fried) (4:16)
7. The Off-Broadway Affair (Fried) (7:12)
8. The Concrete Overcoat Affair (Nelson Riddle) (6:48)
9. The Napoleon's Tomb Affair (Fried) (5:17)
10. Alternate Fourth Season Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. Fried) (0:37)
11. Fourth Season End Title (Goldsmith, prob. arr. Robert Armbruster) (0:36)
12. The Test Tube Killer Affair (Fried) (7:05)
13. The Prince of Darkness Affair (Richard Shores) (11:39)
14. The Seven Wonders of the World Affair (Shores) (11:46)

Vol 3 Disc One

1. First Season Main Title, revised/extended (Jerry Goldsmith, arr. Morton Stevens) (1:00)
2. Jerry Goldsmith Medley (2:57)
3. The Quadripartite Affair (Walter Scharf) (3:27)
4. The Double Affair, suite no. 2 (Stevens) (6:20)
5. Belly Laughs (Goldsmith) (2:21)
6. The Finny Foot Affair (Stevens) (4:51)
7. The Fiddlesticks Affair, suite no. 2 (Lalo Schifrin) (5:17)
8. The Yellow Scarf Affair (Stevens) (3:35)
9. Meet Mr. Solo (Goldsmith) (3:03)
10. The Spy With My Face (Stevens) (4:09)
11. The Discotheque Affair, suite no. 2 (Gerald Fried) (4:31)
12. The Nowhere Affair (Robert Drasnin) (2:48)
13. U.N.C.L.E. A Go Go (Fried) (3:05)
14. The Bat Cave Affair (Fried) (4:42)
15. One of Our Spies Is Missing (Fried) (1:09)
16. The Monks of St. Thomas Affair, suite no. 2 (Fried) (3:46)
17. The Spy in the Green Hat (Goldsmith, arr. Fried/Robert Armbruster) (3:19)
18. Gerald Fried Medley (7:21)
19. The Karate Killers (Fried) (1:51)
20. Richard Shores Medley (6:37)

Vol 3 Disc Two

1. The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Main Title (Goldsmith, arr. Dave Grusin) (0:34)
2. The Dog-Gone Affair (Grusin) (5:28)
3. The Prisoner of Zalamar Affair (Shores) (6:32)
4. The Mother Muffin Affair (Grusin) (10:59)
5. The Mata Hari Affair (Grusin) (7:44)
6. The Montori Device Affair (Shores) (5:31)
7. The Horns-of-the-Dilemma Affair (Jack Marshall) (2:05)
8. The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. End Title (Goldsmith, arr. Grusin) (0:39)
9. The Deadly Quest Affair: Teaser (3:57)
10. The Deadly Quest Affair: Act (I 7:48)
11. The Deadly Quest Affair: Act II (9:07)
12. The Deadly Quest Affair: Act III (7:24)
13. The Deadly Quest Affair: Act IV (Goldsmith) (8:06)

Soundtrack Ratings







The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Volume 1

A superlative 2CD set labelled 'best of' music from the bizarre sixties TV spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. FSM have assembled a fine selection of music with disc one featuring a generous 40 plus minutes of music from the series' key composer Jerry Goldsmith. The Goldsmith selections are an eclectic mix of period pop scoring and genuinely thrilling filmic scores that would not be too out of place even today. Goldsmith kicks off with his memorable Jazz tinted theme and then leads his ensemble through some blistering percussion workouts that slip and slide between cartoon fights and hard edged thrills, yet again show casing the then up and coming talent of Goldsmith and the hold he would have on major film music for the decades to come. U.N.C.L.E. is a fascinating listen and still sounds quite superb, a rare opportunity to here some very well written and performed music for the small screen.

Volume 2

Another impressive double CD from FSM focussing on the abundance of fine scores written for the bizarre 60's Spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Although the first volume focussed on Jerry Goldsmith's contribution of theme and three episode scores, this second volume does include some additional music composed by Jerry Goldsmith for those episodes. Here though the source is mono and the total running time for Goldsmith's contribution does not exceed 24 minutes, so this second CD set may not be of interest to the casual Goldsmith listener.

Goldsmith's contribution kicks off with a longer, and slightly different end title arrangement of the composer's cool theme, with even the monophonic source revealing impressive detail. However, the highlight for this second volume is the ten minute suite from The Vulcan Affair. Here Goldsmith mounts an impressive series of suspense cues with his miniscule orchestra, minus strings, playing their heart out. An absolute highlight is some jagged piano and brass lead suspense motifs, as well as some Prize style percussive moves.

The second suite of The Deadly Games Affair is more restrained with emphasis on lighter, low key scoring for woodwinds. While The King Of Knaves Affair focuses on Goldsmith's main theme being adapted throughout. Still it reminds us how good Goldsmith is at giving a scene momentum and capturing the drama. Meet Mr Solo appeared as a cue on the first volume, but this is a different arrangement for lounge Jazz, featuring a Jazz trio.

Volume 3

Third and perhaps the final volume of music from the cult TV series Man From U.N.C.L.E. But this time joined by highlights from the short lived sequel series Girl From U.N.C.L.E. As with the previous two volumes there is a small amount of music by Jerry Goldsmith, though this time it is rather thin on the ground and essentially the main focus is a rare stereo re-recording of music from one of Goldsmith's episodes; the Deadly Quest Affair. Still we have a Jerry Goldsmith medley with some extra music not heard on volumes 1 and 2, as well as a rare piece of source music titled Belly Laughs, again heard here for the first time, and finally a further alternate to Meet Mr Solo.

In some ways it is a shame FSM could not have assembled all the Goldsmith music on at least one disc rather than spread it across three cd sets as I'm sure some Goldsmith aficionados may not invest in these volumes. Still the high quality of the sets and Jon Burlingame's comprehensive and brilliant booklet notes make it another worthwhile purchase.