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Music Conducted By
Lionel Newman

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly
FSMCD Vol. 4, No. 12

Previous Release(s)
Tsunami Boot

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Limited Edition Release

Cues & Timings

1. Main Title/Tokyo (2:11)
2. Assignment in Macao (2:02)
3. Bon Voyage/Hot Wire (3:38)
4. Boat Drill (1:15)
5. What to Do Next (1:03)
6. Theme from Morituri (1:46)
7. A Change of Fate/Sneak Attack (1:53)
8. Nine Days Out (1:36)
9. Traffic Jam/ Caught in the Act (4:49)
10. Boarding Party (1:04)
11. The Meeting (0:57)
12. The Prisoners (2:44)
13. Change of Command/Prepare for Mutiny (4:30)
14. A Lost Cause (1:34)
15. A Change of Heart (2:08)
16. Break Out (3:07)
17. Abandoned Ship (3:58)
18. End Title (1:14)

Includes Raid On Entebbe By David Shire

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A Jerry Goldsmith score from the formulative years that crossed the gap between his TV and Movie scoring styles. A relentlessly grim score for a minor WWII espionage thriller set aboard a German Supply ship. Main theme benefits from a solo Zither ala Third Man setting the scene for its European locale and the loneliness of the film's main protagonist. The German aspects are not surprisingly scored with the composer's now famous short sharp snare drum assaults and unsettling low end brass and piano. Also employed are some minor electronic elements; electric guitar and Nova chord organ that underscore the espionage and Morituri's attempts at sabotage. However, interestingly the most atmospheric sound that re-occurs throughout the score giving Morituri its unnerving listen comes from a low end harpsichord.

Although previously booted by Tsunami (one of their better efforts) this is, not surprisingly, a far superior release by FSM from the Fox Archive. As well as LK's now legendary detailed notes on the film, score and cues, this new disc features the complete score at just under 42 minutes and benefits from being heard in Stereo for the first time.