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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Alexander Courage
Paul Buckmaster

Songs By
Matthew Wilder
David Zippel

Recorded By
Bruce Botnick

Performed By

Album Produced By

Walt Disney Records

Previous Release(s)

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time
52 (Score)
(70:14  Total)

Limited Release

Cues & Timings

1. Honor to Us All (song) (3:03)
2. Reflection (song) (2:11)
3. Man Out of You (song) (3:21)
4. A Girl Worth Fighting For (song) (2:26)
5. True to your Heart (song) (3:13)
6. Attack on the Wall (2:15)
7. Preparation (2:55)
8. The Matchmaker (1:54)
9. Short Hair (3:17)
10. One Chance (1:22)
11. The Master Plan (1:00)
12. Shan Yu (1:00)
13. Blossoms (3:05)
14. Shoulders Back (1:56)
15. Ping (0:58)
16. The Real Work (1:49)
17. Morning Assembly (1:10)
18. Deserted Village (1:07)
19. Bogus Letter (0:57)
20. Letter Delivered (0:39)
21. The Doll Survives (3:16)
22. Save the Cannons (1:20)
23. The Huns Attack (1:54)
24. Avalanche (2:38)
25. What's Wrong with Ping (2:44)
26. Truth all Around (3:25)
27. Imperial Palace (1:34)
28. The Imperial Palace (0:43)
29. Sword Snatcher (0:44)
30. Boo (2:31)
31. A Lucky Bug (2:41)
32. Gratitude (1:14)
33. The Pendant (0:45)
34. The Sword (1:17)
35. Reflection (song) (3:34)

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Mulan Academy Promo

Originally to have been an assignment for Rachel Portman, but thankfully for us Jerry Goldsmith was sort out instead at the last minute and no doubt relished the opportunity to take a break from the adult thrillers and action movies he is known for. Mulan is a delightful Disney animated epic about a young Chinese girl who masquerades as a male warrior to restore her family's honour and goes off to fight the Huns with her country men. Ironically then, Goldsmith is called upon to provide some major action for some rather intense battles and sword fights (Attack At The Wall, Save the Cannons, The Huns Attack and Avalanche in particular are pure Goldsmith - capturing the grandeur of Rambo action).

Not surprisingly the centre piece though is another gorgeous theme, capturing the femininity of the character, her ties with her family and her burgeoning bravery. With Goldsmith a master at 'ethnic scoring' then it's not surprising this powerful statement for Mulan fits her as well as her warrior uniform. Goldsmith then calls up electronics, ethnic instrumentation and traditional orchestral forces, especially snare drums, cymbals and horns for the military aspects and warm strings and soaring brass to counter this violence. But it's not all serious and Goldsmith does get a chance at some traditional Disney 'Mickey Mousing' (The Matchmaker) and some melancholy moments (Short Hair, Blossoms). But it's the latter cues that no doubt will have Goldsmith fans in rapture as Mulan battles and finally reaches the Imperial Palace and defeats an assassin. Goldsmith precedes to mix Asian with European on a massive palate with a sumptuous recording delivering the spellbinding music for the third act spectacle.

Although the score was released officially by Disney records, that album was a mix of songs and score, the latter amounting to not much more than 30 minutes. This Academy Promo was produced in the vain hope of promoting Goldsmith's fine score and help him win that elusive second Oscar. Sadly this disc was not enough and those who probably had it in their mail never appreciated what a wonderful disc they had and how envious Goldsmith fans would be. For this promo sets the record straight and provides the listener with the complete score at around 52 minutes, plus the songs. Although a number of tracks are short, and obvious omissions from the official album, this disc plays very well indeed and I can't imagine even Goldsmith would have minded a longer running official CD, if Disney were willing to pay the re-use fees that is. In comparison to the short official release, this disc is definitely worth seeking out, as their is some wonderful missing music. But you will need to visit speciality dealers as recommended at the link on the left if you're ever to get hold of one.