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Chinatown - New Definitive Presentation!

Jerry Goldsmith's legendary film score Chinatown finally gets the release it deserves from Intrada Records. This third CD incarnation, following on from two by Varese Sarabande, features both the album content, newly mastered featuring a more natural sounding presentation of the stereo content, as well as for the first time the complete score from a clean mono source - actually from the late composer's own archive.

Goldsmith famously wrote and recorded the score in around 10 days after composer Phillip Lambro's score was rejected at the last minute. Goldsmith often commented how he pictured the make up of the score in his head and knew instantly what it was going to sound like. The composer assembled a small orchestra of strings, four pianos, four harps, two percussionists and solo trumpet. The trumpet became the key though with its haunting rendition of one of film music's finest themes. A piece of film music history now properly preserved by the great Intrada Records.

Order this film music classic from Intrada today!


Disney's Soarin’ Around the World

Disneyland Shanghai have debuted the new Disney Ride Soarin’ Around the World (in Shanghai it goes by the name of Soaring Over the Horizon). The new ride builds on the success of Soarin' over California and features a new piece by acclaimed composer Bruce Broughton. But the great news is Broughton has paid homage to Jerry Goldsmith by incorporating Goldsmith's stunning Soarin theme into his music!

Soarin’ Around the World will be in Disney's Epcot Center in the Summer. Let us hope the music is available from Disney soon.


Twilight Time Blu-ray News

The specialist film label Twilight Time known for releasing films with isolated scores has released a couple of 60s dramas with Jerry Goldsmith scores. Although both The Detective and Lilies Of The Field have now had soundtrack CDs released, both films feature a small amount of missing extra music and the new Blu-rays allow fans access to this for the first time. Note both films do feature some sound effects with some of the music score.

Twilight Time also have The Russia House due for release in July and I would expect this film to be no different and include the isolated score. I hope this score also gets a new CD presentation as well but I have no information on whether that will happen at this time. Admittedly the original lengthy CD was a very good representation of the lovely Goldsmith score but as always to hear an expanded presentation is very welcome for hardcore Goldsmith fans.

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Powder - Complete Score From Intrada

Intrada complete their expansion of Jerry Goldsmith scores previously released by Hollywood Records with the complete score release of Powder! This new CD, following their expansions of Deep Rising and The Ghost And The Darkness, doubles the running time to over 65 minutes.

Jerry Goldsmith went head to head with John Williams for this 1995 assignment and won out in the end to score the film. It's understandable why Goldsmith was so keen to get it as it was a  rare opportunity to score a magical and uplifting human drama.

The unusual story involved a shy young man who has white powdery skin as well as mysterious powers linked to lightning. He is, not surprisingly, misunderstood, shunned and tormented by people from his small town. Thankfully he also makes a number of important friends who ultimately show him love, compassion and help him attain his destiny.

Goldsmith almost wrote a mono thematic score for Powder showcasing his wonderful theme throughout the score in various guises; at times sentimental and melancholy but also giving the theme a dramatic workout. Now fans can enjoy all elements of the score in this full on presentation.

Order from Intrada today!


Link CD Re-issue From La-La Land

La-La Land Records present another re-issue of this minor 1985 assignment from composer Jerry Goldsmith. The odd film saw a homicidal Orangutan in a remote English farm house terrorising a young Elizabeth Shue. Goldsmith's follow up assignment for Psycho II director Richard Franklin cleanly fused synthesisers with the National Philharmonic Orchestra that made for an exciting often powerful score. A likeable quirky circus like theme for Link himself plays throughout. A brilliant recording by Mike Ross-Trevor is another bonus along with new art from Jim Titus.

This will be the third time on CD for this score. Sadly La-La have not found the complete recordings and this is the same original album content. One for those who missed out on the previous Intrada and old Varese version.

Link is limited to 2000 copies. Order from La-La Land Records!


New Damien TV Series To Feature Goldsmith Music!

The new Damien TV series set after the events of the original Omen film will feature new music from acclaimed composer Bear McCreary. But interestingly there is news the composer and producers are to pay homage to Jerry Goldsmith's iconic Omen music and feature his score in their production. They reveal they had access to the original score and have re-recorded Goldsmith's "Ave Satani" as well as utilising his mournful theme for the Thorn family.

Read more on the composer's own website about creating the music for the intriguing new series and working with Goldsmith's horror classic.


Executive Decision - The Deluxe Edition!

Varese Sarabande's CD Club announces a deluxe edition version of Executive Decision. Greatly expanded over the original 1996 CD which ran just 30 minutes. Action scores were of course Jerry Goldsmith's forte' and this score in particular features its fair share of action and suspense music that only Jerry Goldsmith could do this well every time he was called upon. This new release features the missing action at the beginning of the film - the assault on the Trieste mansion, the exciting powerhouse music for the approach of the Remora on the 747 as well as all of the final approach and crash landing of the 747. Goldsmith headlines with a strident full on military theme, adds some ethnic percussion elements for the terrorists, tantalising suspense onboard the hijacked plane and exhilarating workouts of the theme for the US Air Force Jets that intercept and shadow the hijacked plane.

Order now from Varese - limited to just 2000 copies!


Planet Of The Apes - New Recording

An intriguing project from the writer of the acclaimed book Simians and Serialism John O'Callaghan. A brand new recording of Jerry Goldsmith's legendary score to the Planet Of The Apes. O'Callaghan's album is a natural progression from his detailed book examining the score in minute detail. The accurate recording combines live instruments, some from the original sessions, with synth orchestral elements. Sadly no live orchestra but what John has achieved many should find pretty remarkable though it may not be to all tastes. Still you cannot but applaud the writer for this unusual and incredible undertaking.

Order the CD direct from his website.


Warlock - LP 180 Gram Vinyl Release

Intrada present a vinyl version of their complete score to Jerry Goldsmith's Warlock. Intrada issued the restored score last year on CD but now film music loving vinyl fans can have the score on two long playing records and packaged in a gatefold sleeve.

Goldsmith's unusual score features the composer in restrained mode; bringing together his love of electronics and a low key orchestral performance to give the likeable horror thriller a different sound to what a lot of fans at the time expected. Ultimately it works and Goldsmith fans are still treated to glimpses of the histrionics that we always loved the composer for.

Vinyl fans order today!


Take A Hard Ride - New Improved Sound!

La-La Land Records has announced a re-issue of Jerry Goldsmith's western adventure score from the 1975 Take A Hard Ride; a curious hybrid of Spaghetti and Hollywood western. The lively western score with a memorable theme was originally issued by FSM back in 2000 but the disc has been long out of print. The new disc has striking new artwork as well as dramatically improved sound sourced from the original elements and restored by Mike Matessino. New notes and original track titles also feature.

The disc is released January 26th and is limited to 2000 copies. Order from La-La Land Records.


New Recording of The Blue Max Score And More

Tadlow present a new recording by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra of Jerry Goldsmith's acclaimed score for the World War I airborne drama The Blue Max. Goldsmith's early career score is considered one of the composer's greatest works. The epic score features some of the composer's most spectacular action music.

Jerry Goldsmith's original soundtrack has been issued many times over the years on various LPs as well as expanded CDs and received a definitive presentation courtesy of La-La Land Records two years ago, which is now sold out.

Tadlow presents a complete reconstruction of the film soundtrack by Leigh Phillips and is conducted by Nic Raine. A second CD featuring suites and themes from other Goldsmith scores, mainly war themed, completes the package and is available to pre-order from Tadlow and will be released 15th February.

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