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Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Concert In Prague!

Film Music Prague will include a tribute gala concert to Jerry Goldsmith featuring numerous major works including The Omen, The Blue Max, The Wind And The Lion and Star Trek The Motion Picture. Along with popular hits such as Gremlins and The Mummy.

The concert will be performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic and choir, who are of course old hands when it comes to performing film music and the music of Jerry Goldsmith in particular, with their work with British label Tadlow.

The concert is on September 24th at 7pm and will be held at the stunning Rudolfinum concert hall.

More details from their website.


Dennis The Menace Expanded Score

La-La Land Records announce Jerry Goldsmith's lively orchestral score from the 1994 comedy Dennis the Menace. Also known as Dennis. The original Big Screen CD release included a generous amount of score from the film but has long been out of print. La-La Land's release expands on the score and is probably complete and is of course re-mastered. Though the original recording sounded pretty stunning.

Jerry Goldsmith wrote a massive orchestral comedy score with a rousing main theme for the mischievous title character along with a humorous howling motif for the put upon next door neighbour Mr Wilson. The score is chock full of fun at every turn and is a rare opportunity to hear the composer writing broad comedy music, probably not heard since Take Her She's Mine!

CD available from 22nd April. Order from La-La Land Records!


Psycho II Complete Score From Intrada!

Intrada make a surprise announcement with a complete score CD release of Jerry Goldsmith's 1982 score to the Psycho sequel! The original LP and later Varese CD re-issue of the music have been long out of print and only featured a short 30 minute edited selection. Intrada present the complete score, plus alternates and source music conducted by the composer!

The idea of a sequel to the classic movie Psycho seemed a crazy idea at the time and writing a new score in the shadow of the Herrmann classic seemed an unenviable task to say the least. But against all odds the movie and music turned out to be a major success. The movie even went on to spawn further sequels!

The story of Norman Bates being released from prison and taking back the keys of the Bates Motel proved intriguing and Jerry Goldsmith took a unique approach to the film's music. Instead of making Norman terrifying Goldsmith anchored his score with a beautiful and rather melancholy theme. The piece encouraged the audience to sympathise with a character turned mad by an evil guardian. Of course as the story unfolds things get darker and Goldsmith delivers eerie suspense and moments of action too.

Order from Intrada now!


The Omen LP From Mondo

The Mondo label, who released Poltergeist last year on LP with unique artwork, has announced another Goldsmith title. This time the classic score to The Omen. As before the selling point is completely new and rather odd artwork, bearing no resemblance to the movie campaign art whatsoever. This one by Phantom City Creative focuses on the cemetery sequence and the reveal of the contents of the two graves. The music content appears to be the original album rather than the deluxe expansion or the full score. As before the LP is 180 gram.

Order from Mondo now!


The Sum Of All Fears Expanded

More Goldsmith from La-La Land in March! This time an expanded release for one of the composer's last projects. The Sum Of All Fears featured Ben Affleck as a younger version of Tom Clancy's CIA analyst Jack Ryan. The film was a sombre political thriller mixed with chilling thrills as the US and Russia stand off preparing for WWIII after a Neo Nazi group smuggle and detonate a nuclear device on US soil making it look like the Russians.

Jerry Goldsmith was known especially for his action thriller scores in a military setting and fans were salivating at the prospect but the film was not the actioner some may have wished for. And Goldsmith related to it with a slow burner of a score with an emotional centre highlighted by a gorgeous theme. The standout moment remains the operatic opener as well as the chilling and ultra tense clear the stadium.

La-La Land Records present their limited edition 3000 copy release March 11th.


Alien Score Adapted For New Video Game

Jerry Goldsmith's acclaimed music for Alien has been adapted for a new next generation video game for the Alien franchise. Currently known as Alien Isolation it involves Ripley's daughter investigating her Mother's disappearance and coming in contact with a lone Zenomorph. The makers have licensed the original Goldsmith score from Fox and re-recorded it with a London based orchestra. However, don't expect to hear the score verbatim as per the soundtrack album. It sounds like they have heavily adapted it and thrown in new music to work for the game. Still Goldsmith fans who are gamers will no doubt be interested.

Thanks to Justin Boggan for alerting us to the news!


The List Of Adrian Messenger From Varese!

10th of February 2014 would have been Jerry Goldsmith's 85th Birthday. But the memory of this remarkable composer lives on through his musical legacy and fans continue to savour and discover his wonderful music.

Varese Sarabande's CD Club has announced a special CD release to remember the composer on the occasion of his Birthday with the premier release of his score to The List Of Adrian Messenger. This score has been much sort after and fans have been waiting to hear this news for many, many years. The score, based on samples on the Varese site, is presented in very clean mono.

The film was an enjoyable mix of crime thriller, humour and thrills. Goldsmith's jaunty tango dominates the score but the bizarre characters that pop-up throughout the story afforded the composer to develop additional themes for each. The fox hunt sequences stands out though and Goldsmith impresses with an exciting Irish themed set piece. The finale involving the demise of Kirk Douglas' character was arranged by friend and fellow composer Morton Stevens as Goldsmith was out of time and had to move on to another assignment.

Limited to 3000 copies. Order today from Varese!


Tadlow Planned The Blue Max Re-recording!

If you are not tired of The Blue Max news then we can add to the Blu-ray and the original soundtrack release news that Tadlow are planning a re-record of the score too! Leigh Philips who did a sterling job with reconstructing The Salamander has done the work and James Fitzpatrick told fans at FSM he was about to re-record with the Prague Philharmonic but is now putting the project on hold after hearing the news of La-La Land Records' 2 CD release of the original soundtrack.


The Blue Max 2 CD Re-issue From La-La Land!

After Twilight's Blu-ray of the film we now have a re-issue of the score from La-La Land Records! The big surprise is this is a 2 CD set. All previous incarnations have fitted on a single disc. The last release from Intrada was said to be complete. La-La reveal their set will be the full score, plus album presentation and source music, some previously unreleased.

Jerry Goldsmith's early epic remains a stunning orchestral spectacular and featured the first collaboration with the great National Philharmonic Orchestra. The sessions famously used a 100 players at the behest of the director for certain cues.

Look out for more details from La-La Land nearer the 25th of February release date.


The Blue Max Blu-ray From Twilight Time

Specialist film label Twilight Time will release a Blu-ray of the 1966 war movie The Blue Max on February 11th. As expected the disc will include Jerry Goldsmith's score isolated. The score will play out over two tracks featuring the film soundtrack on one and alternates on the other. As usual the disc is limited to 3000 units.

Order from Screen Archives.



More Goldsmith From Kritzerland Due

Bruce Kimmel, owner of the Kritzerland label, has revealed he has another Goldsmith title for fans. The title has been delayed and is not due for several months though. Watch this space for more news.