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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Jerry Goldsmith

Varese Sarabande

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Cues & Timings

1. In Like Flint: Where the Bad Guys are Gals (02:41)
2. In Like Flint: The Golf Lesson (01:17)
3. In Like Flint: Get Flint (03:09)
4. In Like Flint: Ahh, Your Father's Bop-Up (02:39)
5. In Like Flint: Uninvited Guest (01:03)
6. In Like Flint: Mince & Cook Until Tender (02:38)
7. In Like Flint: Ballet Music (01:14)
8. In Like Flint: Odin, Dva, Tri, Kick (04:06)
9. In Like Flint: The Deep Freeze (03:00)
10. In Like Flint: Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their Hats (02:22)
11. In Like Flint: Your Zowie Face (05:34)
12. In Like Flint: Westward Ho (05:34)
13. In Like Flint: Lost in Space (02:22)
14. In Like Flint: Flint is Alive (01:20)
15. In Like Flint: End Titles (Your Zowie Face) (01:39)
16. Our Man Flint: Our Man Flint (01:53)
17. Our Man Flint: The Quest (02:11)
18. Our Man Flint: Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone (02:21)
19. Our Man Flint: New York Skyline (04:29)
20. Our Man Flint: A Bit of Research (01:40)
21. Our Man Flint: Tell Me More About the Volcano (02:28)
22. Our Man Flint: Take Some Risks, Mr.Flint (01:26)
23. Our Man Flint: In Like Flint (01:27)
24. Our Man Flint: The Boilerman (01:04)
25. Our Man Flint: Never Mind, You'd Love It (01:30)
26. Our Man Flint: You're a Foolish Man, Mr.Flint (02:06)
27. Our Man Flint: It's Gotta Be a World's Record (02:32)
28. Our Man Flint: End Titles (01:59)


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In Like Flint And Our Man Flint

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