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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Stéphane Lerouge

Quartet Records

Previous Release(s)
Universal France
Jazz 017 179-2

Silva Screen Records/Cds
EMI Records

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Limited Edition Release

Cues & Timings

01. Theme From Papillon (2:20)
02. The Camp (3:02)
03. Catching Butterflies (Extended Version) (2:57)
04. The Dream (1:49)
05. Hospital (3:51)
06. Papillon (Theme Variation) (1:50)
07. Freedom (3:59)
08. New Friend (2:07)
09. Antonio’s Death (2:30)
10. Gift From the Sea (Film Version) (8:18)
11. The Pearl (1:03)
12. Reunion (4:38)
13. The Garden (0:51)
14. Cruel Sea (1:30)
15. Farewell—Part 1 (0:59)
16. Farewell—Part 2 (2:25)
17. End Title (2:45)
Source Music
18. Field Drums (0:44)
19. Triumphant Parade (1:50)
20. Dance of the Nubian Slaves (from Faust) (2:49)
21. Cleopatra’s Variations (from Faust) (2:12)
22. Phryne’s Dance (from Faust) (2:13)
23. J’ai Deux Amours (1:52)
24. Sous les Toits de Paris (3:16)
Bonus Tracks
25. The Dream (Alternate) (1:44)
26. Freedom (Alternate) (3:59)
27. Free as the Wind (3:10)
Total Disc Time: 71:31

Limited Collector’s Edition of 1000 units.

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Expanded re-issue of a major Goldsmith work from the early 70's. An Oscar worthy collaboration with close friend and mentor Franklin J Schaffner inspired a lush and memorable theme for one of the composer's most personal works. Strings, Piano and Woodwinds dominate this heartfelt score, delving deep into the relationship between McQueen and Hoffman's characters and their brutal incarceration while a mix of great escape adventure and bleak drama plays out a relatively sparse, but perfectly judged score.

This new disc, from Quartet Records, sourced from the original multi track masters features alternates, expanded cues and unused sections plus source music. However, it's one of the album's original cues - A gift From The Sea that remains the album highlight and notable for its uninterrupted use in the film without dialogue or sound effects. A fine example of the trust and respect Schaffner had for the composer. Recorded in Italy.

Expanded review to follow.