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Music Conducted By
Lionel Newman

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Douglas Fake
Mike Mattesino
Nick Redman

Intrada MAF 7116

Previous Release(s)
Varese Sarabande
CD Club - Deluxe Edition

Fox LP
Casablanca LP
Varese Re-recording (Goldsmith)

Year Of CD/Film Release

Running Time

Normal Release

Cues & Timings

CD 1 - The Film Score (70:22)

1. Overture 2:17
2. Main Title 2:56
3. Getting Acquainted 3:52
4. The San Pablo* 1:02
5. Hello, Engine 1:24
6. Trial Run – Part I* 0:24
7. Trial Run – Part II* 0:22
8. Death Of A Coolie 0:57
9. Maily Appears 1:07
10. The Student 0:40
11. Repel Boarders 2:39
12. Chang-sha Dock 2:04
13. Death Of A Thousand Cuts 4:07
14. Not In Vain 0:59
15. Chang-sha (Entr'acte) 1:02
16. Unfriendly Welcome 0:53
17. My Secret 4:00
18. Jake And Shirley 4:22
19. A Matter Of Ideals 2:01
20. The Wedding 6:10
21. Coolies Jump Ship 1:50
22. Restless Months** 4:35
23. Frenchie's Death 2:18
24. Maily's Abduction 2:49
25. Worried Captain 0:33
26. Final Mission/Commence Firing 6:11
27. Fire Aft! 2:13
28. Almost Home – Part I 1:46
29. Night Mission* 0:34
30. The Sniper 0:58
31. End Title (Almost Home – Part II) 0:59
32. Cast Credits (Almost Home – Part III) 0:38

CD 2 - Additional Music (39:06)

1. Overture (Original Version) 2:53
2. Trial Run – Part I (Alternate)* 0:25
3. Trial Run – Part II (Alternate)* 0:25
4. A Crushing Affair (Music & Effects)* 1:35
5. Unfriendly Welcome (Alternate)* 0:48
6. Jake And Shirley (Alternate Ending)** 0:49
7. Restless Months (Alternate)* 4:37
8. Final Mission (Unedited) 3:36
9. Commence Firing (Alternate)* 2:14
10. Almost Home (Edited Version) 3:01
11. Chinese Love Theme 2:27
12. And We Were Lovers (Exit Music) 2:39
Additional Music Time: 26:28

Source Music

13. Toot Toot Tootsie* 2:03
14. Five Foot Two* 1:25
15. Stumbling* 1:48
16. Sleepy Time Gal* 3:25
17. I'll See You In My Dreams* 1:59
18. Linger Awhile 1:59
Source Music Time: 12:32

* Previously Unreleased
** Contains Music Previously Unreleased

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The Sand Pebbles

Goldsmith's epic from 1966 gets a suitably epic release by Intrada. If you thought the original album, or the recent re-recording was a good enough representation of this triumphant work by a young Jerry Goldsmith, you would be wrong and any doubter not overly excited by Intrada's decision to release a complete original soundtrack should look and listen to this spectacular release before passing judgment.

Over 109 minutes of music is presented. Made up of music we know, alternate versions of the music we know, plus extended and unheard additional music we don't know! To cap it all off we also have the additional music written for the movie's glorious original cinematic showcase.

Goldsmith's epic score, revealed by the informative notes to have originally been an Alex North assignment, is now famous for one of the composer's finest themes which transforms into an impossibly beautiful love theme. Listen and all seems right with the world; Goldsmith seems to catch the moment just perfectly without overly doing the sentiment. Building on his main theme, Goldsmith is fortunate in that the stunning movie locales cry out for his music and he provides some of the most exotic back drops a film maker could ever wish for. Along route is not just romance, tenderness and of course sorrow but violence and The Sand Pebbles was fortunate to see Goldsmith further developing his trademark action skills with some kinetic musical assaults, reliably enforced by the sound of snares, piano and horns driving the San Pablo to it's ultimate destination - the now extended Final Mission and the newly preserved Battle Continues will have his action fans in rapture.

The Sand Pebbles remains a landmark work and without doubt worthy of the grand preservation afforded here by Intrada. In short a classic movie score that will always be required listening.