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The Lost Scores: Scoring Assignments That Might Of Been


Here is a list of films that Jerry Goldsmith was destined to score but due to various reasons was unable to do so. Generally the reason was because of conflicting assignments. Actual rejected scores are listed on the main works page. Please note this listing may not be complete. Special thanks to Wilson Maffetano and Justin Boggan.


Grand Prix (assignment conflict The Sand Pebbles replacing Alex North due to ill health)


Heidi (declined working on Hour Of The Gun)


Ice Station Zebra (assignment conflict Planet Of The Apes)


Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (assignment conflict Patton)


The Salzburg Connection (reason unknown)


Family Plot (Goldsmith was one of many composers considered by Hitchcock to score his last film.)


Black Sunday (assignment conflict)
The Spy Who Loved Me (declined assignment)


Superman The Movie (assignment conflict)


Escape To Athena (declined assignment)
Butch And Sundance: The Early Years (assignment conflict possibly Magic)


Night Of The Juggler (reason unknown)


Sphinx (assignment conflict possibly The Final Conflict)
Looker (assignment conflict possibly Outland)


Yes, Giorgio (reason unknown)
The Thing (declined working Poltergeist and Twilight Zone The Movie)


Something Wicked This Way Comes (scheduling conflict Twilight Zone The Movie)
Brainstorm (MGM preferred choice was JG but director wanted James Horner)


The Goonies (reason unknown)
Fandango (reason unknown)
Cloak And Dagger (reason unknown, possible scheduling)
Ladyhawke (scheduling conflict with Legend)


An American Tail (too busy)


Poltergeist III (It remains debatable that JG was going to work on this movie as there are a number of conflicting reports. However, there is a good case that JG left this project early on due to a reduced budget. Some say his theme from The Haunting was the basis of his score for Poltergeist III)


Untouchables TV series. As with his theme assignment on H.E.L.P and Hollister aka Brotherhood of the Gun Goldsmith was going to compose the theme for this series with son Joel scoring the episodes. Scheduling prevented this and Joel composed the theme.


Tombstone (reason unknown, possibly declined assignment based on the Leviathan experience, personally recommended Bruce Broughton)
Swing Kids (reason unknown)
Super Mario Bros. (change of director)


The Jungle Book (assignment conflict or possibly declined based on overloaded schedule)
Baby's Day Out (assignment conflict)


Judge Dredd (assignment conflict)


Dragonheart (apparently JG approached the original director (Patrick Read Johnson) before he was replaced to score this movie)


Starship Troopers (apparently JG was offered the assignment but his Agency declined the offer on his behalf without him knowing. JG was said to be furious on missing out on working with Verhoeven)


Lost In Space (assignment conflict U.S. Marshals)
Ronin (assignment conflict 13th Warrior)
Simon Birch (assignment conflict)


The Yards (reason unknown)
Reindeer Games (assignment conflict)


The Mummy Returns (JG declined assignment based on his bad experience scoring The Mummy)
Rat Race (ill health)
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (ill health)
Domestic Disturbance (JG apparently did demo some themes but were rejected. Basic Instinct temp track caused issues no doubt)
Last Orders (ill health)
The Shipping News (reason unknown, possibly ill health)
The Musketeer (reason unknown, may have been health)


Game Of Their Lives (ill health, though the director did reveal JG did send a demo theme for the movie)
Empire Falls (ill health)
Picasso at the Lapin Agile (ill health)
Thunderbirds (supposedly considered but not followed up due to ill health)