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Music Conducted By
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations By
Arthur Morton

Recorded By

Performed By

Album Produced By
Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly
FSMCD Vol. 3, No. 9

Previous Release(s)
Tsunami Boot

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Limited Edition Release

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The Stripper

1. Main Title (2:24)
2. The Execution (2:22)
3. Sunday Dinner (2:08)
4. The Empty Room (1:47)
5. Lila and Helen (3:40)
6. Party Boy (3:23)
7. A Mother's Worry (2:14)
8. Job Hunting (1:17)
9. The Classroom (2:33)
10. The Dancing Lesson (includes "Should I" by Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed) (3:01)
11. The Birthday Present (2:01)
12. Lila's Confession (1:16)
13. The New Job (2:41)
14. Comfort for Lila (1:51)
15. A Change of Heart (3:11)
16. Lila's Advice (4:02)
17. End Title (1:28)

1963 Movie Radio

18. Give Me the Simple Life (Rube Bloom & Harry Ruby) (2:18)
19. Twistin' Baby (Lionel Newman & Jonathan Hughes) (1:42)
20. Rock and Roll Blues (Lloyd V. "Skip" Martin) (1:32)
21. Anabel (Lionel Newman & Jonathan Hughes) (1:10)
22. Gas Station Source (unused) (0:57)
23. Stripper Blues (Urban Thielmann) (0:38)
24. Dixieland Source (unused) (1:04)
25. Rock and Roll Retch (Urban Thielmann) (1:39)
26. Romance (Walter Donaldson & Edgar Leslie) (1:27)

The Strip Act

27. Something's Gotta Give (Johnny Mercer) (1:49)
28. You've Gotta See Mama Every Night (Billy Rose & Con Conrad) (1:13)
29. Frankie and Johnny (traditional) (1:05)
30. You've Gotta See Mama Every Night (reprise) (0:37)

Bonus Score

31. The Empty Room (alternate) (1:46)
32. End Title (mono) (1:29)
Nick Quarry

33. Meet Nick Quarry ( 2:49)
34. Body Art/Don't Move/Pool Bit (1:53)
35. House Call (2:23)
36. Quarry Cornered (3:15)

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The Stripper And Nick Quarry


An early effort features a light Jazz flavoured score for a minor 60's relationships drama. A few years short of the Goldsmith trademark scoring style we know and love and probably more influenced by mentor Alex North. However, its gentle melodic style remains listenable throughout mixing nicely with the quaint stage show acts. Notable for being the first big screen collaboration between Goldsmith and friend, Franklin J Schaffner, FSM's quality package includes a very good stereo source highlighting complete score, source music and two alternate score cuts. Partnered by the intriguing and completely unknown Goldsmith work; Nick Quarry. This turns out to be a 10 minute demo reel for a proposed TV series based on the Tony Rome PI movies. Musically it plays like the Flint scores and makes a good partner to The Stripper. An undemanding but entertaining CD.

Expanded review to follow.